The Law That's Saving American Fisheries

The 1976 Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation Act was arguably a groundbreaking piece of legislation that prevented widespread collapse of the US fishing industry.  It is perhaps most famous for establishing the 200 mile EEZ around the US, but it also forms the backbone of sustainable fisheries initiatives.  Of course its not 100% successful, and many lessons have been learned, and are still to be learned. Its now time for the Act to be reauthorized, so Pew have produced a report "The Law That's Saving American Fisheries: The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act", explaining the importance of this evolving legislation to US fisheries management.

You can read their introduction to the report here, as well as download a copy.  Its not too long-winded (about 44 pages, including some infographics and photos) so why not have a flick through next time your having a a sip of your tipple of choice

Image: The Fishermen's memorial in Gloucester, Mass.  Credit: NOAA Photo Library