So you think you know where the most likely sources of marine oil spills are? 

Turns out some 36 sunken vessels are deemed to be a potential threat of oil along the coast of the USA, with 17 being recommended for further assessment and potential removal of both fuel oil and oil cargo. You might wonder why NOAA haven't just removed all of these vessels.  In their defence there are over 20,000 wrecks dotted around the coastline.  And it isn't just a case of having the funding to remove them all, it can be technically challenging to remove them safely.

You can read news story direct from NOAA here or if you fancy reading the whole report, it is available here.  Mother Jones has also produced a nice article on the topic that is worth a read.

Image: 14 May, 1942, U. S. Army Air Corps photographs of the burning tanker Potrero del Llano location. Images courtesy of National Archives, College Park, MD and made available for use with this story via NOAA press release.