Satellites, Drones - & the fight against illegal fishing

With global economic losses resulting from illegal and unreported fishing estimated to lie between U$10 billion and U$23.5 billion each year, illegal fishing poses a threat to the livelihoods of fishers all over the world.

Combatting illegal fishing requires many different tools, from those that focus on the underlying causes of illegal fishing, to preventing their products entering the market place. One of the tools for tackling the issue is detecting when illegal fishing actually takes place. Monitoring fishing activity at sea is no easy task, especially when it takes place in the high seas. Nevertheless technological advancements have served to improve detection by providing eyes, even in the hardest to watch locations.

Eyes in orbit– satellites

Introduced as a collision avoidance tool, Automatic Identification System (AIS) broadcasts a vessel’s unique identity, along with data such as location, direction, and speed of travel to other vessels, base stations, and satellites. Recently AIS have been commandeered for another purpose – finding illegal activity...

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Image Credit:  StockSnap  ( Pixabay Licence )

Image Credit: StockSnap (Pixabay Licence)