Ocean Connections

Fostering connections with ocean/coastal-related NGOs and CBOs

Looking for a NGO (non-governmental organisation) or CBO (community based organisation) to connect with? This database is for you!

To search the database, just hit the ‘play button’ (or visit the full-page version on MapHub) and either zoom in on the map and click on the points, scroll through the list or organisations, or use the filter box to search for names/interests (see below for options). Points in the high Arctic represent organisations who operate in multiple locations.

Interests to search by

  • Advocacy

  • Biology / Ecology

  • Climate

  • Community empowerment/ development

  • Conservation

  • Citizen science

  • Economics

  • Education / Outreach

  • Fisheries (commercial or recreational)

  • Food security

  • Funding opportunities

  • Governance

  • Habitat restoration

  • Human rights

  • Invasive species

  • Law

  • Marine protected areas

  • Monitoring

  • Oceanography

  • Policy

  • Pollution

  • Renewable energy

  • Resource extraction (e.g. oil, gas, mining, sand dredging)

  • Safety at sea

  • Shipping

  • Training

  • Umbrella organisation

  • Wildlife rescue

  • Beaches

  • Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises)

  • Coral reefs

  • Elasmobranch (sharks, rays, skates)

  • Kelp forests

  • Manatees / Dugongs

  • Mangroves

  • Megafauna

  • Penguins

  • Seabirds

  • Seagrass

  • Seahorses

  • Seals / Sea lions

  • Sea otters

  • Sea turtles

  • Wetlands




This database and the information contained therein has been crowd-sourced, and is for information only. Organisations that appear here are not associated with Samantha Andrews/Ocean Oculus, and have not been vetted in any way. Many thanks to all of those who have contributed to this resource and to Zsolt Ero who developed MapHub as a free-to-use resource!

If you spot an error with the database or would like to make a suggestion, please get in touch and I will make the appropriate amendments.

If you know of, work/volunteer at, or own a NGO or CBO that you would like to see listed, please fill in this online form. Organisations DO NOT need to be English speaking, but a website is required. There is no charge for listing.

Ocean Connections is completely free of charge! If you would like to help support the initiative, please consider making a donation (button links to PayPal account)

Header Image: Credit: Rainer_Maiores (Pixabay License)