Tentacles tighten on octopus aquaculture

For those living in the Mediterranean and across Asia, octopus has been a regular feature on their seafood menu for many years. More recently, it has gained popularity in other parts of the world - so much so that demand has at times outstripped demand.

 Generally, octopuses grow fast, die after a few years, produce lots of offspring in the middle, and fetch a good price on the market. For an aquaculturalist, it seems like an ideal species, and it is perhaps of no surprise that in countries like Spain, where cephalopod consumption stands at around 3.2 kg/capita compared to the global average of 0.51 kg/capita, studies into octopus aquaculture started back in the 1980s. However, there have been - and continue to be - many challenges, ranging from breeding octopus to ensuring they survive to adulthood.

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Header Image: Close-up of octopus suckers. Credit Pexels (Pixabay Licence)