Well lets face it, science is awesome, and the ocean - incredible! Why would I not want to share some of this wonder with everyone?  Whether delivering public talks for organisations like The Marine Conservation Society, writing for industry/trade publications like IMarEST's The Marine Professional, for NGO's like The Sustainable Food Trust, lifestyle magazines like The Jersey Life, science-centered publications like Biosphere, popular online magazines like Hakai, or white paper publications for organisations like the IMO, topics I cover include:

  • The environment
  • Animals and Plants
  • Fisheries, aquaculture, and sustainable seafood
  • Management
  • Climate change, ocean acidification, and the oceans
  • Human-centered stories
  • Pollution and litter
  • Management and sustainable use
  • Industries
  • Technology for science and sustainability
  • Public engagement in science
  • Science literacy

Any facilitated discussions or workshops I run, or articles I write on science communication look beyond the ocean, and are designed to be relevant to participants. Depending on the needs of the participants, he focus may be on a specific branch of science, a particular style of communication, or may be more general.

I can work for you!

Whether you are looking for an experienced science communicator to write for a professional or popular publication, produce a policy document, speak for a school, grass-roots, policy, or industry event, run a workshop, facilitate a discussion, or science communication training, do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs.

A little more about science communication

Aside from science and our ocean being amazingly interesting, empowering non-specialists with knowledge - whether they are choosing what fish to buy in the supermarket, or making industry decisions - to help people make informed choices about their own lifestyles, businesses, and governance and ultimately create a more sustainable future for ourselves and those we share this planet with. This need is perhaps most eloquently summarised by the Royal Society ‘The Public Understanding of Science’ report (1985):

“[Science communication] deals with an issue that is important not only, or even mainly, for the scientific community but also for the nation as a whole and for each individual within it. More than ever, people need some understanding of science, whether they are involved in decision-making at a national or local level,  in managing industrial companies, in skilled or semi-skilled employment, in voting as private citizens or in making a wide range of personal decisions. In publishing this report the Council hopes that it will highlight this need for an overall awareness of the nature of science and, more particularly, of the way that science and technology pervade modern life, and that it will generate both debate and decisions on how best they can be fostered".

Whether you prefer to call me a science communicator, science educator, science engager, or even a science journalist, my outreach goes beyond a one-way conversation. Whether it occurs in a public forum or 'behind the scenes', questions, discussion, and debate is highly encouraged. It is through conversation that we can understand and learn from each other, and find workable solutions to promote healthy oceans and sustainability.

    science writing

    The Printed word

    Whether for online or in print, for industry, professional or trade publications, popular media, specialist magazines, blogs, government, or policy, my writing combines evidence-based science with the words, language, and context that matter to the audience. 

     Credit: Herbert G. Ponting, National Geographic (Public Domain)

    Credit: Herbert G. Ponting, National Geographic (Public Domain)


    Workshops, discussions, speaking special interest groups, industry, or trade events, field trips for kids or adults, or even being interviewed for media outlets, the power of personal interaction and storytelling brings about new understanding - and new solutions.

     Pixabay (CC0)

    Pixabay (CC0)


    Short sharp science, feature pieces, audio and visual, my social media activity targets both the specialist and non-specialist alike. The goal is to share science, foster understanding, and engage audiences across the globe - and learn a little more about the wonders of the world myself.