"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." - Dr Seuss

Below is a list of major articles I have had published in online and paper publications:


2016    Andrews, S.  ‘Addressing Knowledge Gaps for Lumpfish Production’.  The Fish Site

2016    Andrews, S. ‘Improving Aquaculture Feed Sustainability with Genomics’.  The Fish Site

2016    Andrews, S. ‘Diversification Necessary for Canadian Aquaculture Development to be Successful‘.  The Fish Site

2016    How Big are your Fish Pellets?.  The Fish Site

2016    ‘LED Lights Can Improve Snow Crab Catchability’.  The Fish Site

2016    ‘Belize Seaweed: The Next Big Thing for Fisheries‘.  The Fish Site

2016   ‘Europe’s Small-Scale Fisheries and the ‘Landing Obligation’’.  The Fish Site

2016    ‘Crowd sourcing for Small Scale Fisheries’.  The Fish Site

2016    ‘World Fish Migration Day: Protecting the European Eel’.  The Fish Site

2016    ‘Reef on the Rocks’ (coral bleaching).  The Marine Professional

2016    ‘The Challenges for Solomon Islands Milkfish Aquaculture’.  The Fish Site

2016    ‘Drones: Keeping a watchful eye on illegal fishing’.  The Fish Site

2016    ‘Can Aquaculture be Intensive and Sustainable? A Look at the Scottish Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture Industry’.  The Fish Site

2016    ‘The Added Benefit of Seaweed Farms: Could They be Bolstering Fish Catches?’.  The Fish Site

2016    ‘Putting the Organic into Aquaculture’.  The Fish Site

2016   ‘Illegal Unreported and Unregulated fishing – and issues of governability’.  The Fish Site

2016    ‘US Federal Fisheries meet FAO guidelines for sustainability’.  The Fish Site

2016   ‘Avoiding the Choke’.  The Fish Site

2016    ‘Plastic Non-Fantastic.  Are Clean-up efforts enough’? The Marine Professional

2016    ‘Top Tips for Preventing Fish Spoilage During Handling’.  The Fish Site

2016   ‘The Problem of Post-Harvest Losses’.  The Fish Site

2016   ‘Greening Norway’s Salmon Aquaculture’.  The Fish Site

2015    ‘CFOOD Seeks to ‘Set the Record Straight’ on Seafood Sustainability’.  The Fish Site

2015    Twenty years of The Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. The Fish Site

2015    'My Journey Into Marine Science Communication (And How You Can Do It Too)'. Canadian Network for Ocean Education (CANoE)

2015    'Taking Account of the Invisible Fishers'. The Fish Site

2015    ‘Shining a light on the Algalculture Industry’. The Fish Site

2015    ‘India’s Shrimp Aquaculture Industry Remains Hopeful Despite Onset of Disease’, The Fish Site

2015    ‘Aquaculture Ecolabels’. The Fish Site

2015    ‘Sunken Costs’ (ocean carbon storage options). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Mariculture Can Adapt to Climate Change and Ocean Acidification’.  The Fish Site

2015    ‘Plastic Pollution Low on the Priority List for Many Communities’.  The Fish Site

2015    ‘Climate Change and the Mariculture Industry‘. The Fish Site

2015    ‘Ocean Acidification Spells Trouble for Mariculture‘. The Fish Site

2015    ‘Noisy Neighbours’ (Ocean Noise Pollution). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Research Resolution’ (Overview of research vessel JOIDES Resolution). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Reaching Out’ (Ocean Literacy). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Warning.  May contain Slavery’ (Slavery in Fisheries). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Drawing Lines’ (Dynamic Ocean Management). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Climate Change and the Mariculture Industry‘. The Fish Site

2015    ‘A Lion’s Bite’ (Lionfish invasion).  The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Algae for the People’. The Marine Professional

2015    ‘GM in Aquaculture‘.  The Fish Site

2015    ‘Food for Thought’ (Ocean Fertilization). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Integrated Action’ (Ocean Management). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Renewed Interest’ (Wave Power and the Environment). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘High and Dry’ (Cetacean Strandings). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘European fish on the move with increasing temperature‘.  Scuba Travel

2015    ‘From Bait to Plate’ (Seafood Traceability). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Oceans on Acid’ (Ocean Acidification). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Known unknowns’ (Life in the Mariana Trench). The Marine Professional

2015    ‘What the Oceans do for us: Medicine from the Sea‘. Scuba Travel

2015    ‘The Dividing Line (Benthic Habitat Mapping)’. The Marine Professional

2015    ‘Man-made Marine (Artificial Reefs)’. The Marine Professional

2014    ‘The ocean moves – and so should marine conservation management’. Biosphere Magazine

2014    ‘What the Great Barrier Reef Does for Us’. The Marine Professional

2014    ‘Climate Change and Marine Fish’. The Marine Professional

2014    ‘The Ecological Impacts of Ballast Water Discharge’. The Marine Professional

2014    ‘Underwater Observatories for Ocean Science’. The Marine Professional

2014    ‘Whale Watch Out (ship strikes on whales)’. The Marine Professional

2014    ‘The Trouble with Trash. How waste is damaging our ocean resources’. The Marine Professional

2014    ‘Maximum Sustainable Yield’. Marine Scientist

2014    ‘Balanced Harvesting’. Marine Scientist

2014    ‘Storms taking a toll on Jersey’s seabirds’. Marine Scientist

2014    ‘Reef Life Survey and Species Diversity’. Marine Scientist

2013    ‘Waste Reduction’. Jersey Life

2012    ‘Peak Oil’. Jersey Life

2012    Organic Farming’. Jersey Life

2012    ‘What is the Gift Economy?’ Jersey Life

2012    ‘Jersey in Transition’. Jersey Life

2009    ‘Marine Stewardship Council: Certification for the Jersey Lobster Industry’. States of Jersey Fisheries and Marine Resources.