Women - The Invisible Small Scale Fishers

Women fish all over the word, but looking at the scientific literature, you may vastly underestimate their role. In a talk given by Dr Danika Kleiber, a post-doctoral researcher working with Too Big To Ignore (TBTI), a global research network group with a focus on small-scale fisheries last week, why and how we should shine a light on these invisible fishers was explored.

Dr Kleiber, who has a particular interest in gender and small-scale fisheries, argues that there are a number of reasons why women fishers may become ‘invisible’ - studies are often sex/gender blind – we don’t know the role of women, because we don’t collect that information, which in itself does little to address the perception that ‘men fish’.

In her PhD thesis focusing on Bohol Island in the Philippines, Dr Kleiber took a closer look at the make-up of the small-scale fishery.

This article was originally written for (and appears in full in) The Fish Site.

Image: Fishing boat in the Philippines. Credit rmac8oppo (Pixabay Licence)